Category The 100 Series

  • Framework Investing 101 - Overcoming Behavioral Biases and Structural Factors

    15 Lessons in , ,

    Learning Outcome: Learn to better manage your own human decision biases and get to know the other players in the capital markets.

    • Understand how investing professionals view the markets and why.
    • Develop active strategies to guard against making analysis and decision mistakes and learn how to take advantage of others’ errors.

  • Framework Investing 102 – Confidently Valuing Stocks

    11 Lessons in , ,

    Learning Outcome: Learn Framework’s proprietary, step-wise framework for how to value a company (or any other asset!) by focusing on 3 key factors that dictate long term value creation.

    • Understand how to analyze financial statements and learn where “snakes” and “lottery tickets” lie within them.
    • Dive deep into “price” vs. “value” by analyzing different business scenarios’ impacts on growth.

  • Framework Investing 103 - Exploiting the Options Market

    16 Lessons in , ,

    Learning Outcome: Demystify the stock options markets and learn how options uniquely provide you the information to make better investments – whether you actually use options or not.

    • Discover how the use of options can reduce capital at risk while improving returns.
    • Learn to uncover and then invest in mispriced opportunities using hybrid-investment structures.