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  • Introduction to Options

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    This is the first in our Options for Intelligent Investors series. In this course, we introduce what options are, how they came into being and the role(s) they serve in modern financial markets.

  • Option Basics

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    In this course – second in our Options for Intelligent Investor series – we introduce our distinctive method for visualizing option risk and reward while teaching you some inescapable option jargon. By the time you finish this course, you will understand why we say that options are peerless financial tools for tailoring investment risk and reward.

  • Option Market Mechanics

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    Progressing on from the introductory mini-courses in our Options for Intelligent Investor series, we delve into important operational details about the option market – expiration cycles, transaction volume measures, and “notional value” – and also discuss the role of market makers and institutional investors.

  • Option Prices & Pricing

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    In this course – part of the Options for Intelligent Investors series – we explain how an option pricing screen is set up, how prices are generated using option pricing models, and discuss nuances of option pricing that sometimes trip up newcomers to options.

  • Advanced Option Pricing: Understanding and Using the Greeks

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    Download Video Transcript After watching the introductory video here, please click on the link to the first lesson below and follow the instructions there. Feel free to contact us using…