An Intelligent Investor’s Guide to Options

This guide melds an intuitive explanation of options – simple, directional tools that allow a peerless way to tailor investment exposure – with a clear-eyed valuation framework and actionable advice on avoiding the behavioral biases that so often affect individual and institutional investors alike.


In addition to showcasing Erik’s expertise in developing option investment strategies…this book delivers the information in a way that’s accessible to individual investors.

– Joe Mansueto, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Morningstar, Inc.

About Erik

 Erik’s 20+ year career in the financial services business has spanned investment banking, hedge funds, independent analysis, and venture capital. The Intelligent Option Investor and his online classes draw from that deep well of experience.

Deepen Your Understanding with Online Courses


Geared towards individual investors, this course offers an overview of how to use options in a portfolio. Syllabus

Compelling and Engaging

Our course content have been honed over 10 years of practical classroom and online training experience. Videos are tightly scripted, concise, and engaging, using compelling visuals to communicate difficult topics intuitively and memorably.


Bring the Book to Life

Our courses allow you to build a strong foundation in options, learn to see investing from a new perspective, and gain an intuitive sense of the power of options to tailor the risk / reward profile of an investment portfolio – all the hallmarks of an intelligent option investor.

Framework Investing

Geared towards financial professionals and students wishing to get hired on derivatives trading desks. Syllabus


Erik is an engaging and highly sought-after speaker. Please contact Katie Carson at All-American Entertainment to book.

The Intelligent Option Investor

Now available in Chinese Translation


Erik’s method is the only sensible way to think about investing with options in a value oriented fashion.