Successful investors aren’t traders. Learn to INVEST like an institutional portfolio manager.

Acclaimed author, Erik Kobayashi-Solomon, transforms students into institutional-caliber investors. Double index returns while putting less capital at risk.

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The IOI Path teaches you to invest with institutional-caliber skills for better, more repeatable results. Our methodology has doubled index returns while putting less capital at risk.

Step 1


Gain access to IOI’s FREE and timely, proprietary investment research and commentary

  • Learn the language of investing
  • Get exposure to experienced investors’ ideas, process and successes
  • Think critically about an investment’s prospects like in this example on possible outcomes for the automakers
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Step 2


IOI’S Coursework teaches basic market understanding, valuation and advanced investment structuring

  • Understand the basics of investing - including how markets work & how to read company financials
  • Learn to control your behavioral biases
  • Learn the true drivers of value
  • Develop a sound, repeatable investment decision workflow
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Step 3


Become expert through practice and MENTORING from IOI Principals and Community

  • Structure your own investments and review them with IOI principals
  • Join an IOI principal-led investment club
  • Submit your own company analyses and review them with Community members and IOI principals
  • Improve your skills through IOI-led case studies like this Apple example
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By working the IOI PATH, an IOI Investor...

1. Understands how financial markets work & avoids decision traps.

Make more sound investment decisions by understanding your own motives and biases as well as those of other important market participants.

2. Is able to uncover & evaluate value in a repeatable manner.

Learn a proven, focused and repeatable investment valuation and analysis process that teaches you the 3 Key Drivers of Durable Company Value and how to apply those drivers.

3. Can create their own investment strategies.

Create unique investing strategies using stock, cash and options that generate income, protect gains and boost growth.

4. Develops & uses this combination of skills to achieve better results.

Create unique investing strategies using stock, cash and options that generate income, protect gains and boost growth.

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What you will learn

Built on nearly 20 years of Wall St., Capital Markets and Hedge Fund investment analysis and strategy development experience, IOI’s mission is to bring institutional investment methodologies to highly engaged investors of all types.


Competence comes from gaining new skills and/or improving the skills you have. As investors, we believe we understand the markets, valuation and maybe even option strategies. IOI’s curriculum is designed to push your skills in these areas toward the caliber of an institutional money manager.


Confidence comes from your improved competence and IOI’s ongoing support network. Becoming confident enough to design and implement your own investing strategies takes a place to practice, like IOI’s research, webinars and community, and a bit of mentoring from someone more deeply experienced, like IOI’s principals.


IOI knows that education is nothing without results. The first change you will notice is your development of and reliance on a disciplined, thoughtful process to evaluate investments and create strategies. This will change how you look at investing and how you work with other people to invest. The second change will come as your process improves your returns.

Investor Education That Generates Results

IOI’s valuation and investment strategy more than doubled the S&P500’s return for the same period and almost tripled returns vs. an ORCL shareholder! IOI did this while taking LESS total capital risk. This is the benefit of learning and applying asymmetric value investment strategies.

Rolling over each dot below shows the IOI investment in ORCL at that time.


End June 2013

IOI values ORCL in a range between $37 and $49/share. Price = $31 vs. Value = $41 (IOI’s likely fair value estimate).

End June, Beginning July, 2013

1. SELL $30 PUTS expiring Aug ’13. BUY $37 CALLS expiring Jan ’15.
2. BUY 200 Shares ORCL at $30/share. SELL $30 PUTS expiring Aug ‘13. BUY $20 CALLS expiring Jan ’15.

August 2013

August 2013 PUTS expire worthless, IOI kept the option premium paid to it.

December 2013

IOI closes our Jan ’15 CALLS at 10x our investment per share.

March 2014

IOI closes our CALLS at just over 2x our investment per share.

November 2014

SELL $39 PUTS expiring Jan ‘14 for $1.90/share in premium realized.

October 2015

SELL $37 PUTS expiring Jan ’16 for $3.30/share in premium received.

END 2015

IOI Position – 200 Shares (no leverage); potential exposure to 200 more shares through open Oct 2015 PUTS.

Erik Kobayashi-Solomon, IOI’s Founder

Erik’s broad range of expertise in investments is built from his nearly 20 years on the sell-side, buy-side, and in third-party research and analysis.

Erik has been invited to speak at distinguished universities such as the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business and Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management as well as to influential industry groups such as the New York Society of Securities Analysts (NYSSA) and at the Value-X Investor Conference.

Wall Street & Hedge Fund Alumnus
  • Head of Listed Derivatives Operations – Morgan Stanley in Tokyo, Japan only one year after joining the firm. Erik worked for Morgan Stanley in Tokyo & New York.
  • Owner, Principal Architect – QED Capital Partners index hedge fund.
  • Chief Risk Manager – Ironbound Capital ($800M) global long-short equity hedge fund. Erik designed and traded option-based hedges, worked on quantitative strategies, and conducted fundamental analysis of Japanese equities.
Research & Consulting Professional
  • Head – Semiconductor Industry Analyst Team – Morningstar Investor Services
  • Co-Head Morningstar OptionInvestor Service – Morningstar Investor Services. Driving force behind the newsletter analyst service and OptionInvestor Education curriculum.
  • Market Strategist – Morningstar Institutional Investor Services
  • Director of Research – YCharts Investment Services
  • Principal Consultant – The World Bank Group’s International Finance Corporation (IFC) – commissioned to create a model to value the institution’s emerging market private equity investments. Erik’s model is used by World Bank analysts and portfolio officers the world over.

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