I am happy to announce that my first popular press book, The Framework Investing: Applying Value Investing to the World of Options, will be published in mid-2014 by McGraw-Hill.

The Framework Investing the first book to offer a clear, comprehensive, and common sense approach to the valuation of stocks, shows how to avoid common behavioral biases and structural impediments, and explains how to safely use listed options to tilt the balance of risk and reward in the intelligent investor’s favor.

Options are wonderful–but often misunderstood–financial tools that are peerless in their ability to boost growth, generate income, and protect gains in an investment portfolio. Once an investor understands how options work and glimpses options’ great flexibility and power, they will look at all their investments in a whole new light.

I am excited to be working with Mr. Knox Huston, an influential and talented editor at McGraw-Hill, and very happy to be represented by Mr. Sam Fleishman, of Literary Artists’ Representatives.

Even though there is still a great deal of hard work in front of me, I also want to offer my thanks to Brent F., Neil K., and Ben L., whose consistent encouragement and wise advice has helped me manage to get to this point.