A few months ago, I published an article with one of the videos in our Leverage mini-course along with an updated version of the Framework Leverage model.

Over the weekend and this week, I have been working on a video case study series to go with the quizzes for each of the lessons in the mini-course. The case study deals with using the Framework Leverage model to analyze possible positions in Tech giant Apple AAPL.

I hope you will enjoy these videos, along with the second video in the mini-course, entitled The Mechanics of Investing Leverage.


This is the second lesson in the Leverage mini-course, which offers a definition of investing leverage and shows what leverage looks like in up and down markets.

The first video in the case study series shows how to use the model to analyze an unlevered position and explains each of the graphs.

The second video in this series shows how to analyze an In-the-Money option position’s leverage level.

This last video in the series covers measuring leverage for Out-of-the-Money option structures and hybrid ones.