IOI is changing — for the better!

We have spent the last four months planning a new Internet home for intelligent option investors world-wide and partnering with Chris, Joe, Sam, and Seth at Round Pixel Studio in Cincinnati, Ohio to make that plan come to life.

In short, the site combines the present commentary articles on with the research articles on and adds in the capability to participate in IOI’s flagship IOI 100-Series courses online as well. We have also built in a community forum and the ability for small group study sessions and webinars, and we are very excited about being about to offer that “social” functionality to intelligent option investors as well! (Many thanks to Jeremy and Evan and the other members of the June 2015 IOI Boot Camp for providing the inspiration to include the ability to network with other intelligent investors online!)

We are almost ready to open our digital doors, and in preparation, wanted to show you a quick introductory video explaining the IOI Dashboard and a bit about the new and improved IOI intelligent investing curriculum. Have a look and let me know what you think!

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