Spreadsheet Tools

We have decommissioned the IOI Tools site and replaced them with two downloadable spreadsheets. The IOI Valuation Model allows you to model the main drivers of value as discussed in The Intelligent Option Investor. The BSM Cone Tool allows you to download stock price data for U.S.-listed companies and input implied volatility and valuation range data to create a BSM Cone.

IOI Valuation Model | BSM Cone Tool


Web Appendices

Web Appendix I works through an actual investment analysis. Web Appendix II delves into the topic of valuation ranges.

Appendix I | Appendix II



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Framework Investing

For people who like to learn through video content, we have set up a site with a complete course covering the option portions of The Intelligent Option Investor! Visit our sister site, Framework Investing, to learn more!

Framework Investing site