Trump Really Might Succeed in Creating a GREAT Investing Environment! Just not in the way you might think…

Donald Trump stunned the pundit class with his long-shot candidacy and his upset presidential win. We believe that the conditions enabling the Trump presidency have been roiling for years, are structural in nature, and have their roots in two issues: tepid economic growth and income inequality. His administration has been in office only a few months and, while markets have soared, the seeds have been sown for a bumpy ride.


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It’s rare that we get too unsettled by macro events here at Framework Investing, but sometimes the potential for change is so high that it cannot be set aside as pure market risk, but instead, something that you can see coming, think carefully about and plan to act upon. Trump’s election on the back of some very loose rhetoric is certainly one such “event”.

In this Special Report, we apply the same decision framework we use to evaluate any investment opportunity; a careful study of:

  • people and their respective incentives,
  • demand implications,
  • margin impacts
  • resulting economic value created or destroyed

to the potential investing implications of the Trump presidency.

In this BONUS video, you will learn about how a leader’s commitment to consistency of communication and vision is historically valuable to helping economies run smoothly and efficiently.


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