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A more in-depth knowledge of the IOI framework gained through IOI Training has helped me discern twice as many possible investment opportunities. Evan B., Pension Fund Manager

IOI Training Classes have made a significant difference in how I view the world of investing and that is very important and it goes way beyond equities. Sheila C., Registered Investment Advisor

Your outstanding training program provided a framework that made using options a practical, return-generating investment tool in my family office’s portfolio. I learned how to apply fundamentals-driven value analyses to options that improved my understanding of return probability and the impact of those probabilities on dynamic portfolio composition. There is no one else out there doing that kind of training – teaching one to invest using options vs. trading or speculating with them. Joseph M., Family Office Chief Investment Officer

The IOI method is the only sensible way to think about investing with options in a value-oriented fashion. Erik’s framework and teaching are second to none! Franco D., International Hedge Fund Manager

Thank you for ... the best investment class[es] I have ever attended. The value to me from both you and the IOI materials is noteworthy. You just don’t find your valuation approach taught in the standard texts on determining stock option values. I am so glad I [also] decided to go with [IOI 101 – Behavioral Biases and Structural Factors in Investing] at the last minute. Being a contra investor I like to zig when everyone else is zagging and the material in [that class] was so refreshing to me. Dennis H., CPA, Registered Investment Advisor

The weekend was great - and I intend to... go through the handouts and work out the methodology line-by-line on some of my favorite stocks. Guy J., CPA, High Net Worth Investor


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