How well do we manage the deluge of information we’re confronted with on a daily basis? Does complexity help our hurt us when we are trying to analyze data? These are two of the questions answered in a presentation Erik recently did entitled Avoiding Bad Decisions in Business Valuations: Pitfalls and Solutions.

The talk was sponsored by Sageworks – a company that has some incredible software for helping professionals in the field of business valuation – and was part of its lecture series that has also featured NYU finance professor and valuation guru Aswath Damodaran. If you’d like to be included on Sageworks’ mailing list to be informed of future presentations, you can watch my presentation and sign up to watch future presentations through this link. Also, here is a page listing Sageworks’ past and future webinars.

This is a brief presentation, but touches on some the important behavioral and structural issues that we deal with in depth in our IOI 101 course. Enjoy!