Revenue refers to the money, payments, and proceeds your firm receives. On the other hand, income refers to what is left over after the firm’s costs and expenses have been deducted from the revenue. Taxes, property expenses, legal dues, and payroll are typical expenses law firms must deduct from revenue to get income. Mixing up the two can give you a false picture of your firm’s financial health. With this method, tax liability attaches before funds are even received. And although accrual accounting gives you a good idea of your future income and expenses, it does not provide as clear a picture of your cash flow situation as cash accounting.

  • Many lawyers assume their bookkeeper can or should help them with their financial analysis and get frustrated when they don’t.
  • Once you master the basics of accounting for lawyers, you can better navigate the everyday challenges unique to the legal industry.
  • You can also set key performance indicators to help you accurately monitor your firm’s financial performance.
  • Take care of accounting from anywhere, anytime while you’re on the go.
  • They can choose either cash accounting for law firms or accrual accounting for law firms.

At BTDS, we value the opportunity to work with you and provide industry leading bookkeeping services because, frankly, we think bookkeeping should not suck. Best of all, as we like to do at the Biglaw Investor, we’ve negotiated a special deal for readers of the site. If you sign up using the links on this page, you’ll get 20% off your first six months of bookkeeping with Bench. I’ve been so happy with the experience that I’m on the annual plan and my guess is that after six months of working with them, you’ll be on the annual plan too. With the knowledge you’ve gained, you’re well on your way to better financial health. The hope is that, by knowing where your money is coming and going, you can spend more wisely and capitalize on valuable opportunities.

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Most https://1investing.in/ firms opt to use cash basis accounting because it’s simple to maintain. Cash accounting makes it easy to determine when a transaction has occurred and there’s no need to track receivables or payables. To avoid this type of situation, use accounting software that allows you to automate these processes. For example, keeping track of invoices or monthly recurring expenses. Again, you should also be spending time daily recording your firm’s transactions.

Your bookkeeper, accountant, and the IRS will thank you for holding onto documents proving your income, credits, and deductions. Cash accounting also gives you an easier way to see how much cash your business has at a glance. Simply look at your bank balance and you’ll know exactly what the situation is.

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In 1981, this money started being stored in an IOLTA, which is an interest-bearing account. Ask around to see if other attorneys have a recommendation, or ask your State Bar for referrals. Personal InjuryTop 10 marketing strategies for Personal Injury lawyers. Choosing various software that works together seamlessly makes running your firm much more straightforward. Contact us today to speak with one of our experts and learn more about how we can help you grow your firm.

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Bookkeeping is an administrative task that involves recording all of the law firm’s business transactions and reconciling and balancing the firm’s financial accounts. The terms “bookkeeping” and “accounting” for law firms are sometimes used interchangeably but they actually take the same financial data and do very different things with it. Some of FreshBooks best accounting software’s features offer you real time to put back in your day. Automate tasks like organizing expenses, tracking your time and following up with clients with just a few clicks.

Trust accounting management features with the general accounting features of online accounting software programs like QuickBooks Online and Xero. This gives you the best of both worlds while making your law firm’s comprehensive accounting situation easier to manage. With legal accounting software, you can manage your accounting needs from anywhere at anytime. Create digital invoices, have instant access to your firm’s cash flow in real time, and reconcile accounts instantly. It will save you a lot of time and money, not to mention, frustration.

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Without proper attorney bookkeeping, it’s impossible to track what money is coming . This can cause serious issues and stunt your firm’s growth . You’re in the business of navigating the law, not accounting and paperwork. Outsourced accounting allows you to stay focused on your clients. CSI Accounting & Payroll offers a small portfolio of specialized services that we believe are critical to the success of law firms.

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Below, you’ll find a short breakdown of some of the more popular options for accounting software for law firms. The right budget management software is essential for law firms. Clio Manage and other programs help firms organize their financial activities, from the expense and revenue tracking to managing billables. Three-way reconciliation is generally conducted every 30 to 60 days, depending on the state.


Make sure your trust account and/or IOLTA are included in your COA. At its core, you must always know who’s entitled to the funds in your trust account and give it to that person. While you don’t need to familiarize yourself with an accounting encyclopedia, it will pay off to learn some common terms.

If your law firm has multiple partners, you may want to consider hiring a bookkeeper to help keep track of the finances. Bookkeepers can help with tasks such as billing clients and monitoring expenses. This can be a valuable asset to your firm, as it can help you save time and money. 1) The accrual method does not always match revenue with cash flow. This can create problems for law firms because they may end up having to pay taxes on income that they have not yet received. As an accountant or bookkeeper, it is important to be aware of the compliance regulations governing law firms in your jurisdiction.

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Offer competitive wages and benefits packages to qualified candidates once you have finalized your selection. Review any references they provide and check with the state licensing board to ensure they have the appropriate certifications. Comparing different banks’ answers to these questions will help you decide which institution and account are right for you.

Managing money is now simpler than ever with QuickBooks for Lawyers. You can use it to manage amounts in both operating and trust accounts, as well as payments and credit notes applied to bills in Clio. Overall, an experienced and qualified accountant can be a valuable asset to any law firm. By taking the time to find the right person for the job, a law firm can ensure that its finances are well-organized and accurate.

However, it’s easy to make attorney bookkeeping and data entry mistakes when you have to maintain and complete your day-to-day transactions manually. Only a small mistake or duplicated data entry may result in wasted time, mismatched records, billing complications, and even compliance violations. Lawyers are not accountants and they often make the same common mistakes when it comes to accounting for law firms. Legal accounting and attorney bookkeeping mistakes have catastrophic consequences for your business, income taxes, and license.

This can be done by setting up different income and expense accounts for each partner, as well as setting up a trust account to track client funds. This can save the firm money in the long run and help to maintain accurate records. Finally, an easy expense reimbursement system can help employees and partners feel more comfortable using company credit cards for business expenses. First, it helps to ensure that all expenses are tracked and accounted for.

But legal bookkeeping and accounting in law firms are different than for other businesses. If you are running a law firm, don’t make that severe mistake. Your client trust accounts are required to keep separate from your business accounts.

The key to good accounting is keeping detailed records of every single transition coming in or going out of your IOLTA. It doesn’t belong to you, and if you claim it as such, you could face the consequences from regulators and have a more challenging tax season. They have their own rules and regulations that vary depending on your jurisdiction. If you mismanage this account, you could face severe consequences, including disbarment. We don’t recommend building your business off the back of your credit card.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree from UCLA and has served on the Board of the National Association of Women Business Owners. She also regularly writes about travel, food, and books for various lifestyle publications. There are also cases where expenses that an employee or partner needs reimbursed are paid from personal funds. In those situations, we recommend using an expense tracking app like Zoho Expense, which allows you to approve employee expenses. Each of these records should be kept for a specific length of time—some for 10 years, some for as few as three. You can learn more about record retention periods in our guide to business recordkeeping.

Furthermore, a how to calculate sales tax’s accounting system needs to be clear, accurate, and up-to-date in order to comply with regulations. Law firms also benefit from being able to keep client and financial data perfectly in sync. Users can also trial Xero for free before committing to use it full-time. Mismanagement of trust accounts can have serious consequences, including fines and legal repercussions. Commingling trust funds with other company funds is prohibited and can lead to problems. Lawyers who temporarily hold money from multiple clients must deposit these funds into separate trust accounts.


It takes just a few clicks for you and your client to get on the same page, start a project and even streamline your billing. From kickoff to invoicing, FreshBooks accounting software supports your business every step of the way. (Congrats!) Create a recurring profile and FreshBooks accounting software will automatically send out invoices for you.