Source: Company Statements, IOI Analysis

In the heatmap above, the FY2013 revenue for each of GE’s Industrial and High-Tech segments (in billions of USD) is shown below the segment name; below FY13 revenues is the 5-year CAGR. Box size represents revenue share; box color represents revenue growth rates.

It is obvious from this heatmap that GE’s Oil & Gas segment has provided the most revenue growth over the past five years.

So, when crude oil spot prices are falling, it is no wonder that GE’s stock price also takes it on the chin.

The fall in crude oil prices is likely to have some effect on GE’s revenues and profitability, but I have no evidence yet that this effect is going to be worse than the worst-case scenarios of my valuation of GE.

You can find a video valuation of GE, as well as written reports and presentations on the company on the Resources tab of the IOI Tools site. Look under the “Company Analyses” sub-menu and click the General Electric link to find these materials.