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  • And the below are key areas to pay attention to when onboarding remote employees.
  • Start orientation with IT set up early on to get your new team members their passwords and access right off the bat.
  • The onboarding process actually begins with the recruitment process, especially for candidates who are new to the remote working environment.
  • For people to trust and feel connected they need to see others not just as coworkers but as real human beings — and opportunities to chat informally help them do just that.
  • An effective onboarding program is considerably more important now with the increasing popularity of remote work.
  • Let’s look at how you can onboard new hires in a virtual work environment while ensuring that they are set up for success and feel like part of the team.

Developer network Adeva adds new employees to team Slack groups and sends them information about company culture and projects they’ll be working on up to three weeks prior to their start date. Try sending some videos, a link to get some swag, setting them up with a mentor, or directing them to your social media channels to get new hires jazzed to get started. Even for contractors brought on for short-term projects, it’s still important to provide opportunities to interact with full-time workers to gain a better understanding of the company. Their onboarding process will likely be shorter but should contain education on the company’s culture, work style, and expectations.

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Create the space for your new colleagues to ask about the way things are done as well. Regardless of where they’re working from, though, it’s essential for the company to provide them with equal access to professional development opportunities and company resources. This is where your new employees can digitally sign any HR documents, learn about benefits, and set up any accounts they may need access to.

  • It’s an excellent way for new hires to connect people and personalities to all the names they’ve only virtually interacted with.
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  • In turn, your new team members will be excited and eager to get to work.
  • You can avoid confusion and frustration later on by getting everyone on the same page from the start.

Remote onboarding requires much more communication than on-site onboarding. Because of the distance between screens, you have to put in extra effort to make your new team members feel welcome and connected to the company from day one. An investment in your remote onboarding process is an investment in employee satisfaction and retention.

First day

This is especially true if your onboarding process is very information-heavy. This deliberate approach to virtual office connections in a remote environment will accelerate team camaraderie. This would include digitizing essential documents and processes to make them accessible for your remote employees.

Doing this well in advance prevents delays on the first day and also gives the new hire plenty of time to get familiar with any new technologies or procedures. Connect new hires with HR and send the required documents digitally, along with clear instructions about how to complete them. A Guide to Its Benefits, Risks, and AlternativesA PEO can help business owners and HR execs find and retain talent.

How to Onboard New Work From Home Employees

This means that you can’t view a remote onboarding best practices onboarding process as a temporary option, something that you can cobble together while you wait to return to normal. Setting your new employee up for meaningful relationships with their coworkers during remote onboarding can have a lasting impact on their entire careers. One way to be thorough about this is by encouraging new employees to schedule brief one-on-one sessions to get to know each team member personally. It’s important for employers to keep in mind that remote onboarding may be an entirely new endeavor for some employees, who may be wary of the unknown. It is possible that employees will fear feeling isolated and disconnected from their coworkers. Luckily, virtual offices help to break down silos, offering easy ways of communicating with fellow employees.

What should be included in remote onboarding?

  • Check in immediately.
  • Suggest helpful hints.
  • Remind them to introduce themselves.
  • Encourage them to socialize with other new hires.
  • Introduce them to any tools for connecting with colleagues.
  • Ask where they need help and connect them with the experts.
  • Keep checking in regularly.