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(McGraw-Hill Education, 2014)
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Apple's Conundrum 

Tim Cook is facing the kind of conundrum that many would love to share. Read my article to find why the smart money is focused on Apple's balance sheet.

Individual Investors
Individual investors have virtually no constraints regarding the type of financial instrument they can choose or the market capitalization of the stock they can buy. Why is it then, that they so often get pulled to and fro by the market and end up as fodder for the Wall St. titans?

The Intelligent Option Investor can better inform and educate you and make you a more confident, successful investor.

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Institutional Investors
Institutional investors are shopped every complex, hard-to-understand product the financial engineers at the large brokerage houses can dream up. More often than not, they end up benefiting the broker's derivatives sales desk much more than they do the principals or clients of the institutional investor themselves.

If you would like to understand more about what the brokers are trying to sell you; if you would like to learn how to get short exposure using derivatives with minimal market impact; if you would simply like a thorough, non-partisan explanation of the risks and benefits of using options in an investment program, we are able to help. 
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